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Please note that there are price breaks per pound, the more that you get. Unless otherwise specified, the prices are, from left to right, the 1lb, 5lb, 10lb and 20 lb prices. See the Shipping Rates for more info. All the chemicals listed on this page (in blue) require a DOT-E-8249  Exemption box (see shipping rates for details)

The last thing listed behind the stock number is the hazardous class, if any, of the item. The Shipping class Legend follows. If any of these are listed after a chemical, that chemical is hazardous, but some of them may be shipped as a limited quantity with no hazmat. Those that can are as listed below in the color coding.

DW=Dangerous When Wet; SC=Spontaneously Combustible;
OX=Oxidizer; FS=Flammable Solid; FL=Flammable Liquid; PM=Poisonous Material;
CM=Corrosive Material; AG=Aerosol Gas; ORM=ORM-D (cannot be shipped with other hazmat items, but is not hazardous itself)

For our safety as well as yours, we ship everything according to regulations. The DOT has no sense of humor!

Note: For instructions on using the shopping cart, click here.

Color Coding:
Green - means that particular item is not considered hazardous. However, items that are listed as ORM-D CANNOT be shipped to other countries (no international shipping). E-mail us if you have a question on a partcular item. ORM-D's are not considered hazardous by ground service.
Orange - means the item is normally hazardous, but we can ship it without a hazmat fee (in 1LB quanities, up to 10LBs, at 1LB price)
Red - means that the item must be shipped hazardously, regardless of qty ordered.
Blue - require a DOT-E-8249 Exemption box and hazardous fees.

If you are placing an order with us online, you must be on file with us, regardless of what your first order is. This means that we have to have a signed in ink order form and a copy of your driver's license on file. If you do not have these things on file with us, it will just delay your order. You only have to do it once and then you can order whenever you would like. Go to our order form page to print out the order form there. Then you can use that to fill out and send in.

If at any time you want to review your order so far, please click below.

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Red Gum - (accaroides resin, yacca gum resin), air milled, natural alcohol soluble vegetable gum from Australia - Stock #C176

    $11.25/lb     $53.75/5lb     $106.00/10lb

High temperature, high silica/alumina content with Andalusite for excellent resistance to thermal shock, pressure and abrasion from high performance rocket propellants that other ceramic materials lack. It is capable of resisting direct combustion gas heat to 3000° F (white hot) and indirect heat to approx 3500° F. For making nozzles, moisten slightly with water (or sodium silicate) and press in a forming die using hydraulic pressure @ 5000 psi or greater followed by baking at 500° F to remove all traces of moisture. The more pressure used to form, the higher the abrasion resistance will be to pressures and heat. They can be lathe cut for "O" rings or recessed for snap rings, etc.

REFRAC 6000 Castable Nozzle Refractory
order  $6.95/lb
order  $33.00/5 lbs
Resists heat to approx 3000° F

Rice Hulls - for making lift & burst charges - Stock #C176RH
For making burst charges, soak rice hulls in warm water, drain and coat with black powder or whistle mix with 5% dextrine added for binder. Spread out on screen to dry, stiiring occasionally with wood spoon.

    $2.50/ lb Special Sale Price       order  $109.00/ 50 lb bag (ship wt 60 lbs)

Rice Starch, fine powder - Stock #C176RS
Most commonly used binder in Japan, frequently called for in Shimizu's book "The Art Science and Technique". Excellent water soluble, tacky pyrotechnic binder and glue.


Rosin - (colophony resin) lumpy/powder, binder, bullet casting flux - Stock #C177
Dissolve in alcohol for greater strength solutions.

    $10.00/lb     $48.00/5lb

- appox 30 mesh powder, great for black smoke & fuel - Stock #C177A

    $9.00/lb     $43.20/5lb

Saran Resin -   [C2H2Cl2)n]    Dow Chemical 506, powder, 73% chlorine donor, color flame enhancer and fuel - Stock #C177B1
Soluble in MEK, cyclohexanone and slowly in Acetone. As a binder, because it dissolves slowly, it works much better if dissolved first.

    $9.25/lb     $44.50/5lb     $87.25/10lb

Shellac - yellow/orange pyro, -150 mesh, acetone and alcohol soluble binder - Stock #C178
Makes rich red/brown lacquer for wood. Considered superior binder in tracers, stars and other color flame mixtures.

    $26.00/ lb     $130.00/ 5 lbs

Silica - crystaline sand, fine, for friction igniters - Stock #C179

    $2.90/lb     $13.25/5lb     $25.00/10lb
Silica - crystaline sand, medium fine, for friction igniters - Stock #C179A

    $1.95/lb     $8.25/5lb     $15.00/10lb


The most widely used moisture absorbant used today. Placed directly in drums of chemicals and other powders or most anything to guard against the harmful effects of moisture during storage. Protect firearms, ammunition, jewelry, packaged foodstuffs, electronic equipment, pyrotechnic devices, tools, etc.. Each packet absorbs many times its weight of moisture and can be reused by drying in an oven for several hours @ 150 F.

Stock # SGEL58
Order.gif (311 bytes)     1/2 UNIT SIZE
7.30/dozen packets   (12 ozs/doz)
Stock # SGEL4U
Order.gif (311 bytes)        4 UNIT SIZE
$3.85/each packet   (6 ozs each)

-  [Si]   crystaline, black pyro powder,. - Stock #C180 - FS
Added to ignition primes to increase molten slag and heat and also in thermites.

    $9.50/lb     $45.90/5lb     $89.00/10lb

Silicone Fluid - (pure polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS) - Stock #C180SF
Release & anti-foam agent in composite propellants and similar mixtures. 2 drops per 5 lb batch is all that is required, mixed with the polymer first. Thinly coated on surfaces as a mold release agent.

    $12.50/2 oz bottle

Silicone Surfactant, BYK-306 polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) in solvent mixture (Xylene/Monophenylglycol 7/2). Stock #C180SS
Silicone-containing surface additive for ambient-curing plastic systems, paints and inks, adds lubricity to oils, waxes and solvent-borne coating systems with a strong reduction of surface tension. Excellent substrate wetting, prevents cratering and increases surface slip. Can be used as a mold release agent, and as an anti-cease agent.
BYK-306 also makes an excellent, low cost case and bullet sizing lubricant for you ammo reloaders ot there! For its use in blown rigid foam insulations, the primary role of a silicone surfactant is to emulsify incompatible components so they may work together to achieve optimum processing performance in the final physical foam product. For this application, as little as 2% is required.

   $8.50/8oz bottle    $26.00/quart   






Smoke Fog Oil - paraffin oil, mineral oil- Stock #SMKFOG
Used as a protective coating agent and binder in flare formulations. It is also used extensively as a fog oil and insecticide base, where it is heat vaporized into white "fog" and mixed with castor oil for machinist cutting fluids.

order    $12.00/qt (3 lbs ship wt) order    $41.00/gal (8 lbs ship wt)

Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) - cellulose gum powder - Stock #C180A
Water soluble, tackifier and thickening agent. Use 1% with other water soluble binder or 2-3% by itself to increase adhesive tack and retain slurry viscosity (keeping solids suspended in slurry, such as black match slurries).

    $10.25/lb     $49.20/5lb     $96.00/10lb

Sodium Benzoate  [NaC7H5O2]   - Superfine air milled powder - Stock #C181
Powder, for whistles, whistle rockets, bursts, etc. -
(now restricted under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')    ATFE manufacturing permit required to order milled powder

$12.00 $54.00 $92.40

Sodium Benzoate, Flake  [NaC7H5O2]     - Stock #C181PF      No ATFE required to order
For whistles, whistle rockets, bursts, coated rice hull bursts, etc.. This is classified as a powder by the manufacturer, but it is not fine enough for proper intimate mixing. No need to grind for use. For superrior mixing, dissolve in the least amount of warm water, add oxidizer (usually KClO4), burn rate catalyst (usually 1% red iron oxide), mix well and allow to dry to a thick putty for pressing or ricing through a screen. Adding 2-4% mineral oil or glycerine will plasticize and phlegmatize for pressing.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$8.70 $40.80 $78.00  

Sodium Borate (Borax) - powder - [Na2B4O7] Stock #C181B
Often used as a fire retardant and fungicide in solution. Also used as a catalyst to make special effects "Slime", "Silly Putty", "Space Goo", etc.. Borax acts as the cross-linker to thicken and stabilize the mix. Google "Silly Putty" (or other) for details.

    msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$4.50 $20.25 $36.00 $69.00

Sodium Dichromate, crystaline [Na2Cr2O7·2H2O] (chromic acid disodium salt) - Stock #C181BSD - OX/PM 
Wikipedia; "Sodium dichromate is an oxidizer and chemical compound with the formula Na2Cr207. Usually, however, the salt is handled as its dihydrate Na2Cr2O7·2H2O. Virtually all chromium ore is processed via conversion to sodium dichromate. In this way, many millions of kilograms of sodium dichromate are produced annually. In terms of reactivity and appearance, sodium dichromate and potassium dichromate are very similar. The sodium salt is, however, around twenty times more soluble in water than the potassium salt (49 g/L at 0 °C) and its equivalent weight is also lower, which is often desirable". Also soluble in methanol, ethanol and other solvents, its high solubility is considered an asset for use in chemical compounding and protective coatings for metals.Used as a combustion catalyst with chlorates, perchlorates and ammonium nitrate where it lowers the ignition points for easier ignition. It does this by "allowing" the oxidizer to decompose at a lower temperature thus releasing its oxygen to support combustion earlier and increasing the burn rate accordingly. Like the potassium salt, a hot water solution is also used to coat magnesium and other metals to prevent decomposition and because of its higher solubility, may be the better choice for coatings. Appearance - red/orange crystaline; Density - 2.52 g/cm3; Melting point - 356.7°C (674.1°F). Like all hexavalent chromium compounds, sodium dichromate is considered hazardous and a known carcinogen. No ATFE required to order       

  $10.60/ lb   $48.00/ 5 lbs   $95.00/ 10 lbs

Sodium Nitrate, Custom Milled  [NaNO3]   (Chile Saltpeter) - Stock #C181CCM - OX     *cannot be shipped by mail and is hazmat by UPS         ATFE manufacturing permit required to purchase. Combined with coated magnesium for high intensity, bright light aerial and hand flares, cavers flares, etc..
(now restricted to 1lb under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$20.40/5 lbs Milled with Cab-O-Sil (anti cake agent) to keep it free flowing. Minimum qty is 5 lbs.

Sodium Nitrate  [NaNO3]  (Chile Saltpeter) - fine powder - Stock #C181C - OX
Fine powder with anti-cake agent. Combined with coated magnesium for high intensity, bright light aerial and hand flares, cavers flares, etc..
(now restricted to 1lb under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$3.30 $15.30 $28.80 $55.20

Sodium Nitrate [NaNO3]  (Chile Saltpeter), prilled (round prill or granular) - Stock #C181CP - OX
Combined with coated magnesium for high intensity, bright light aerial and hand flares, cavers flares, etc..
(now restricted to 1lb under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$2.35 $9.60 $17.10 $32.40

Sodium Oxalate   [Na2C2O4] (disodium salt oxalic acid)  - for yellow flames, glitter & delays - Stock #C182

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$11.85 $58.00 $114.00 ---------

Sodium Salicylate   [NaC7H5O3]   (carboxilic acid) - Air Milled Powder, for whistles - Stock #C184
Used for whistle rockets. Slightly more hygroscopic than other benzoates.
(now restricted under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')    ATFE manufacturing permit required to order

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$18.10 $88.00 $173.00 ---------

Sodium Silicate  [Na2O• 2SiO2]   (water glass) - heavy, clear syrup, adhesive, fire retardant - Stock #C186

This is the fast drying adhesive used to coat the cup set devices above. Simply fill with composition, insert fuse, dip in sodium silicate and roll in fine sawdust. One or two applications is all that is needed. Can be colored with food colorings. Can also be used to make rock hard tubes by applying a thin coat to the paper as the tube is rolled.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$8.95/qt (ship wt 4 lbs)

Sodium Sulfate   [Na2SO4]   - powder, for yellow strobes - Stock #C187

    msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$4.90 $23.25 $45.00 --------

Sorbitol - [C6Hl4O6] - Fuel/binder, rocket propellants - Stock #C187C6

    msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$8.70 $42.00 $83.00 -----

Stearic Acid  [Cl6H36O2]   N-octadecanoic acid(sometimes called stearin) powder - Stock #C188
For low activity fuel, blue flames. Also used as a phlegmatizing agent to "stabilize" or reduce the sensitive natures of mixtures and supply easier pressing or consolidation. Often used with chlorate mixtures for this purpose. It is also added to paraffin wax to make candles and soaking cotton string for candle wicks.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$6.75 $32.00 $62.00 -------

Strontium Carbonate  [SrCO3]   - powder, (59% Sr) and neutralizer- Stock #C192
Most commonly used non-oxidizer red color flame agent. Most commonly used in perchlorate based compositions.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$5.00 $23.20 $45.00 -------

Strontium Chloride -  [SrCl2]  - red flame, stars, etc. - Stock #C192B - PM
Dissolve in water to soak pinecones and similar for red flame firestarters.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$8.60 $41.70 $82.00 -----

Strontium Chromate - [SrCrO4] rocket propellant catalyst, oxidizer and red color agent ( 43% Sr)- Stock #C193

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$18.00/lb ------- -------- ---

Strontium Nitrate  [Sr(NO3)2]   - fine, for red flames, strobes, etc. (42% Sr)- Stock #C194 - OX
(now restricted to 1lb under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$6.75/lb $32.00/5 lb $62.50/10 lb Special 30 lb Price  $3.95/lb  order   $118.50/30 lbs

Strontium Peroxide - [SrO2] fine powder, for orange and red flames (73% Sr) - Stock #C194B - OX
Extensively used in tracer ammo formulations for both color trace and intermediate (dim) delay between ignition and color flame.  No ATFE required to order


$11.80 $57.50 $113.00 Special Sale      order        $6.50/lb 30 lbs ($195.00)

Strontium Sulfate   [SrSO4]   - fine, for red strobes and delays, high temp oxidizer (48% Sr)- Stock #C194C

$8.75 $42.50 $83.00 --------

Sulfamic Acid, [H2NSO3H] granular - Stock #C195
Use to make smoke compositions for military training. Makes very dense white smoke. The smoke is acidic and noxious (similar to HC smoke formulations). Use in well ventilated areas, out of doors. Not for indoor use. Sulfamic acid melts at 205 °C before decomposing at higher temperatures to H2O, SO3, SO2, and N2. It is also added to water to make concrete cleaners; Catalyst for esterification process; Dye and pigment manufacturing; Herbicide; Coagulator for urea-formaldehyde resins; the liquid silver cleaning product TarnX contains thiourea, a detergent, and sulfamic acid.

    now in stock

$8.00/ lb $38.00/ 5 lbs  $74.00/ 10 lbs

Sulfur, Rubbermakers 21-10, -325 mesh powder [S] (flour) , very low acid (.01%), 99.5+% pure - Stock #C196
Rubbermakers 21-10 is the most preferred by pyrotechnic manufacturers. It has the lowest acid content of the sulfurs and is -325 mesh powder. Insoluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol, soluble in carbon disulfide, benzene, ether and toluene. Now restricted under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering'. ATFE manufacturing permit required to purchase.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$3.25/ lb $16.00/ 5 lbs $30.00/ 10 lbs $55.00/ 20 lbs

Synthetic Wax,
[Ethylene Bis Stearamine] superfine white powder, melting point 138-144 ºC - Stock # C196SW
Synthetic waxes are long-chain hydrocarbons lacking functional groups. Firefox has chosen a synthetic wax with a high melting point of 280-293 ºF, a medium hard wax which remains stable under prolonged molten conditions (flash point C.O.C. 530 ºF Min) that allow it to fill the niche of a solventless and/or non-curative/crosslinking type, instead, a heat activated pyrotechnic binder and a non-toxic fuel in white smoke formulations. It is a superfine white powder and therefore easily homogenized into mixes which can then be pressed into most any shape and heated to melt/activate it as the binder. We have tried it in rocket propellants, tactical screening smokes, delay and smoke tracking charges and other formulations where visible white smoke is warranted or as the sole fuel for low smoke applications. For those of you who cast their own bullets, it makes excellent bullet lubes as well! Manufacturer listed properties include;
Solubility in Hot Solvents: Carbitol, Naphtha, Trichloroethylene, Xylene, Isopropanol. Insoluble in Solvents at Room Temperature and Insoluble in Water.
Compatible With: Hydrocarbon Waxes, Vegetable Waxes, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ester Type Waxes.
Uses: Adhesives, Anti-Blocking Agent, Asphalt, Ammunition, Foundry Shell Moulding Resins, Hot Melt Coatings, Lubricants—External/Internal, Mold Release, Paints, PVC Compounds, Paper Components, Coatings, Powdered Metal Products, Textile Finishes, Wire Drawing Compounds, and Wax Compounds Requiring Elevated Melting Points. Not yet in stock, check later.....

Stock # C196SW


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