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Order Processing Fees & Volume Discounts:

Due to the all-time high fuel costs, our inbound and outbound freight is costing us twice as much as it did a year ago. UPS is currently charging us $1.75 per box in addition to their listed rates as a 'fuel surcharge'. Although UPS has been charging these additional fees, we have not passed them on to you, nor have we been charging a 'fuel surcharge' to each order to pay the additional costs of our inbound freight. Because our overall pricing is already lower than the competition, we can no longer absorb these fees and we can no longer give the additional volume discounts that Firefox alone has been giving to club members and on volume orders. It makes no sense to give a discount, then charge it back to cover the fuel surcharges that everyone is now charging additionally. Be of good cheer, these ridiculous fuel costs are bound to come down sooner or later, right? In the meantime, we are still lower on our prices overall and we still give our normal volume discounts on items throughout the catalog like chemicals, paper supplies, plastics, ignition supplies, etc.. There are volume price breaks on items throughout the catalog as listed. The more you order, the better the price. Feel free to ask us about pricing on full drums and cases of product. We can often discount on these items because we have less labor and packaging tied up in it.

Order Processing Fees - all orders 3%

This is applied to the total of merchandise and is applied to all merchandise, whether it is sale items, special quoted merchandise or other.


Need to know how much your order is going to be for shipping? Need help figuring it out? We are here to help!

If you would like, give us a call and we will help you with your shipping. 208-237-1976

Or, Email us at with the information. Be sure to include your name and address as well as the amounts you would like of each item.

In addition, you can follow the links here to the appropriate page to figure the shipping. We suggest you read through the Shipping Help page first to get a feel for how it works.

Shipping Help - A step by step walkthrough of figuring your shipping rates for your order

Shipping Rates - Shipping rates for packages.

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