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Ok, we are going to be listing some interesting, pyrotechnic related links here. If you have a website that you would like listed, please let us know the address and also a description of the site. Then, just send in your $42.95 for the listing.... ok, I am kidding about the money, but send in your links! We may even do a 'favorite links' part to this page. Send your site addresses here.

Fireworks International - Offers a large range of DIY fireworks packs and single ignitions to buy online. Their display team also provides spectacular operator fired firework displays.

DOT - Want to know about shipping regulations? Check here! Want to know how many calories are in a Big Mac? Well, you don't want to check here then... Seriously though, it is a well put together site with lots of information for you.

Fireworks Haven - These guys are great! They carry a lot of stuff and are "Your year round fireworks store". Take a look!

National Council on Fireworks Safety - The National Council on Fireworks Safety website offers fireworks safety tips, information for firefighters, state laws, injury data, hot news, etc. etc.

PGI - The Pyrotechnics Guild International. These are the big boys. Each year they hold the PGI convention around the US where folks come from all over the world for seminars, lectures, fireworks, learning, getting together, etc., etc.

Rocketry Online - They have had a link to us on their site for a long time and we are just now returning the favor! This is a VERY well designed site with plenty to do! Check it out for all your rocketry questions!

Tripoli - This is an organization dedicated to rockets! You can sign up for the club as well as for their magazine, "High powered Rocketry" here. If you are looking for a good rocket club to join, we would suggest this one.

Tools & Tips for the Amateur Pyrotechnician - Good sight. There is a lot of useful stuff here!

WPA - This is the online home of the Western Pyrotechnics Association. They are the ones that put on the Winter Blast which, as many of you know, we go to each year! It is a great show and we always enjoy it! There is a lot of information here as well...

Richard Nakka's Rocketry page - Great website on amateur experimental rocketry.

Hi-Tech Ammo - Information on ammunition reloading supplies, Tracers, Bulk powders, etc. A great site for ordering those materials from.

Hobby Fireworks - Great site with a lot of Star making equipment (star rollers, milling balls, etc.)

Pyroguide - Pyroguide is an online pyrotechnic knowledge base which anyone can edit.


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