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Many of the hazardous chemicals Firefox supplies may be shipped hazmat free by UPS or US Mail, thus saving you additional shipping costs (hazmat fee is currently $25.00 per box). In order to qualify for hazmat free ordering, chemicals must be packaged in no larger than 1 lb inner containers (2 lbs on a few items) with a maximum of 10 lbs total by UPS and 20 lbs total by U.S. Mail (including box/packaging weight). If your order contains 11 lbs or more it will be shipped as hazardous by UPS. Different classes must be shipped in different boxes. Nitrates (except Barium Nitrate) may be shipped non-hazardously in any size inner packages including 5 lb containers and up to 30 lbs total when shipped by UPS.
Because there are so many different regulations, they cannot all be listed here. However, we will always package and ship your order the best way we can to save you money. If you have questions on a particular order please call (208-237-1976) or email us.
The following  chemicals and materials cannot be shipped free of hazmat fees and are therefore subject to UPS hazmat fees and UN haz box charges. There are no hazmat fees on orders that may be shipped U.S. Mail.

  1. Chemicals that must be shipped in DOT-E8249 packaging as listed in catalog (barium nitrate, barium peroxide, paris green, 5 lb containers of dangerous when wet (DW), etc.)
  2. Titanium Sponge  (Titanium alloy is not regulated and therefore not hazardous to ship)
  3. Custom Milled or Lumpy Potassium Chlorate and Perchlorate (no shipping by US Mail because of the 5lb minimum containers).
  4. Materials marked 1.4S, 1.4G or 1.4E (no 1.4G or 1.4E by US Mail).

When we ship in 1lb packages, your cost is at the 1lb price. If you order 5 lbs, you do not receive the 5 lb price break but instead your price is 5 times the 1lb price for the item. You still save money because you do not pay the hazmat fee.



1    Fill out Order Form Entirely - Include Name, Address, Signature, Date & Items Being Ordered. The Columns on the Right (Not on the Online Order Form) Are to Record the Appropriate Hazardous Class (Hazardous Materials Include Anything in the Following classes: Oxidizers, Flammables, Dangerous When Wets, Poisonous Materials and Some Other Materials, So Noted in Their Descriptions - Otherwise, the Item Is non Hazardous, or Other in the Columns.

2    Figure Boxes Needed for Order. Each Hazardous Class Will Require It's Own Box, While non Hazardous Materials Can Go into Any Box. Note: Orm-d Materials, While Not Requiring a Hazmat Fee by Ground Service, Cannot Be Shipped with Another Hazardous Material. Also, Any Extreme Sized Materials - the 24" Long Tubes for Instance - Will Need It's Own Box as Well.

3    Figure Weight of Each Box. Each Box must Meet the Following: A) There Can Be No More than 3 Different Items of the Same Hazardous Class per Box(and in Some Cases, Fewer). B) There Can Be No More than **60 Lbs per Box (Except in the Case of the Dot E8249 Exemption Boxes (Required by Items, So Noted), in the Case of Potassium Chlorate, Which Can Be No More than 25 Lbs per Box & in the Case of Shipments Going by Mail. There Can Only Be a Max of 20 Lbs in Packages Going by US Mail). C) There must Be 2 (Two) Lbs. Added to the Total Weight of the Box for the Box Itself (Except in the Case of the Dot E8249 Boxes Which Are 6 Lbs for the 10 Lb. Capacity Box and 8 Lbs. For the 20 Lb. Capacity Box).


They cost only a few dollars more but can hold twice as much as our 30 lb boxes which saves one of the $25.00 hazmat charges incurred when shipping two boxes.

We can mix up to 3 different oxidizers in a hazmat pack with a total of 30 lbs per box to shave you shipping. KCLO3, KCLO4 and AP packaged in bulk 5 lb or larger tubs must be shipped as a hazmat item and as such cannot be sent by mail. In 1 lb packages (@ the 1 lb price) they are not hazardous and can be sent by UPS or by mail. Unless otherwise specified, we send by UPS for faster delivery over mail service.

4   Discounts - see internet specials and/or two for one specials (free merchandise).

5    Figure Shipping for Each Box. First, Find Your Zone. This Is Done by Taking the First 3 Numbers of You Zip Code and Looking Them up on the Zone Chart in the in the Shipping Page. This Will Tell You What Zone You Are In. Then, Look on the Correct Shipping Chart - Ups or Us Mail, Depending on Which Way You Would like to Have Your Order Sent. The Shipping Charges by Us Mail Are a Little More than by Ups and it usually takes longer to get to you. Also, by UPS, if we ship materials in 1lb quantities, we can ship it non-hazardously (see Note above on hazardous free shipping). If You Are Looking at Getting More than about 10 Lbs of Any One Item, it Will be given to you at the discounted price (10 lb price, etc. as opposed to the 1 lb price) and it will have a hazmat fee. It is just too expensive for us to ship everything non-hazardously. Confused Yet? Note: If You Desire to Have Your Package(s) Shipped by Federal Express, Be Advised That Any Hazardous Materials Are Required to Go Priority Overnight and They Also must Have a $35.00 or more per Box Hazardous Fee - Call for Shipping Rates, Etc. (208) 237-1976 Voice or Fax.

6    Figure Hazmat Charges, If Any. See the note at the top of this page for help in figuring which items/quantities need a hazmat fee. Some Hazardous Boxes You Will Be Getting, by Ups, Requires a Hazardous Fee. Call for Those That Don't Require this Fee (1-208-237-1976) fill in the Appropriate Line on the Order Form with this Total.

7    Figure Box Charges. Each non Hazardous Box Is $3.00 by UPS and $3.85 by US Mail ($2.00 for Box and $1.85 for Insurance). ORM-D boxes by US Mail is $5.50 with insurance. Each Hazardous Box Is $6.50 by Ups. Fill in The Appropriate Line on The Order Form With This Total. Note: For Chemicals that Require a DOT E8249 Box - They Can Hold 10 Lbs, And 20 Lbs of Material And Cost $12.00 And $14.00 Respectively.

8    Sales Tax. This Is Not Required Unless You Live in Idaho.

9    COD Fee. If You Have a COD Account With Us (See Catalog - Inside Front Cover) Then You May Order COD. The Charge Is $9.00 Per Order.

10    Order Processing Fee - 3% on all orders including quoted prices, special order-ins or sale items.

11    Finish. Total Your Order, Double Check Everything, Include Your Money Order or Personal Check in an Envelope With Your Order (Note: Personal Checks Are Held For Two Weeks) And Include Your Payment Information on The Front of The Order Form (Method of Payment, Charge Card Information, Etc.) And Send it in (Po Box 5366 Pocatello, Id. 83202). If This Is Your First Order, Please Include a Photocopy of Your Id With Your Order (Driver's License, Etc.). Also, Make Sure You Have Signed And Dated The Front of The Order Form Before Sending.


Firefox Enterprises Inc.
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