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Please note that there are price breaks per pound, the more that you get. Unless otherwise specified, the prices are, from left to right, the 1lb, 5lb, 10lb and 20 lb prices. See the Shipping Rates for more info. All the chemicals listed on this page (in blue) require a DOT-E-8249  Exemption box (see shipping rates for details)

The last thing listed behind the stock number is the hazardous class, if any, of the item. The Shipping class Legend follows. If any of these are listed after a chemical, that chemical is hazardous, but some of them may be shipped as a limited quantity with no hazmat. Those that can are as listed below in the color coding.

DW=Dangerous When Wet; SC=Spontaneously Combustible;
OX=Oxidizer; FS=Flammable Solid; FL=Flammable Liquid; PM=Poisonous Material;
CM=Corrosive Material; AG=Aerosol Gas; ORM=ORM-D (cannot be shipped with other hazmat items, but is not hazardous itself)

For our safety as well as yours, we ship everything according to regulations. The DOT has no sense of humor!

Note: For instructions on using the shopping cart, click here.

Color Coding:
Green - means that particular item is not considered hazardous. However, items that are listed as ORM-D CANNOT be shipped to other countries (no international shipping). E-mail us if you have a question on a partcular item. ORM-D's are not considered hazardous by ground service.
Orange - means the item is normally hazardous, but we can ship it without a hazmat fee (in 1LB quanities, up to 10LBs, at 1LB price)
Red - means that the item must be shipped hazardously, regardless of qty ordered.
Blue - require a DOT-E-8249 Exemption box and hazardous fees.

If you are placing an order with us online, you must be on file with us, regardless of what your first order is. This means that we have to have a signed in ink order form and a copy of your driver's license on file. If you do not have these things on file with us, it will just delay your order. You only have to do it once and then you can order whenever you would like. Go to our order form page to print out the order form there. Then you can use that to fill out and send in.

For the MSDS information buttons, please realize these may or may not be the same ones that come with your order. We have them included here for your convenience and they are pulled from the internet, not necessarily from the manufacturer that we get the material from.

If at any time you want to review your order so far, please click below.

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1 LB 5 LBS 10 LBS 20 LBS


Barium Carbonate - powder, neutralizer, green flames (67% Ba)- [BaCO3] Stock #C116
     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$4.20 $18.30 $33.50 -------

Barium Chlorate - powder, for rich green flames (45% Ba) - [Ba(ClO3)2•H2O] Stock #C1161 - OX (Cannot be shipped by mail and is hazardous by UPS - requires DOT-E-8249 box) Caution: Friction sensitive - chlorate
     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$17.10 $78.00 $147.00 -----

Barium Chloride - granular, for green flames (66% Ba)- [BaCl2] Stock #C116A - PM
Dissolve in water and soak pine cones or similar for color flame firestarters.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$6.90 $32.85 $61.85 -------

Barium Chromate - [BaCrO4] powder, for delay compositions (54% Ba) - Stock #C119 - PM.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes) Now Back in stock!
$12.30 $59.10 $111.60 Now Back in stock!

Barium Nitrate - Custom Milled - [Ba(NO)3] Stock #C120CM   *cannot be shipped by mail and is hazardous by UPS. 5 lb quantities require an ATFE manufacturing permit to purchase.
(now restricted to 1lb under the injunction. Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')
Green flames. Excellent colors with Mg fuel in conbination with PBAN or R-45 resins. Requires hazmat DOTE-8249 packaging.
     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$27.40/5 lbs Milled with Cab-O-Sil (anti cake agent) to keep it free flowing. Minimum qty is 5 lbs.

Barium Nitrate - fine, for green flames (53% Ba)- [Ba(NO)3] Stock #C120 - OX  *cannot be shipped by mail and is hazardous by UPS.
(now restricted to 1lb under the injunction). Please see our home page under the heading 'please read this before ordering')
Excellent colors with Mg fuel in conbination with PBAN or R-45 resins. Requires hazmat DOTE-8249 packaging.
     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$4.65 $21.60 $42.00 -------

Barium Sulfate - fine, for strobes, glitters, green flames, etc. (59% Ba) - [BaSO4] Stock #C123

Currently being sold elsewhere by another supplier for over $6.00 per pound!!

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)
$3.00 $13.50 $25.00 $48.00

Barium Peroxide - fine - for green flames, thermite and tracer ignition compositions, etc. (81% Ba)- [BaO2] Stock #C124 - OX

Requires hazmat DOTE-8249 packaging.

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)
$22.50 $111.00 ----- -----

Benzoic Acid - fine, for making metallic benzoates - [C6H5COOH] Stock #C124A

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)
$6.80 $33.00 $64.00 -------

Bismuth Trioxide - powder, non-toxic for crackling stars - [Bi2O3] Stock #C124A2 - Currently out of stock
     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$17.00 $79.50 ----- -----

Boric Acid - fine, stabilizer for Nitrate/Al formulations - [H3BO3] Stock #C124B

Also used as a mold inhibitor and a fire retardand component.
     msds.gif (2257 bytes)

$5.10 $23.70 $45.90 -------

Boron - amorphous powder, - [B] Stock #C124B1

Used in high temperature compositions including prime/first fire mixtures, electric igniters, delays, rocket propellant temperature catalyst, thermites/thermates, etc.. Can also be used to create brilliant green flames in combination with perchlorates and/or potassium nitrate. Increases combustion temperatures. This is/was being sold by another supplier for over $39.00 per ounce!!.........$624.00 per pound!!!
order.gif     msds.gif (2257 bytes)                              

$109.00 /lb (while it lasts) ------- ------- -------

       Ready To Use Ignition Granules

Boron/Potassium Nitrate Ignition Granules, 10-60 mesh [BKNO3] - Stock # C124BKNO3 - FS

Boron, used extensively in thermic ignition compositions because of its extremely high heat of combustion, is combined with potassium nitrate (75%) and Ethyl Cellulose (1%) granulated into a flowable ignition mixture with a heat of reaction much higher than most any other ignition prime. It is used in many military devices, automotive gas air bag cartridges and other industrial use. This commercially produced igniter composition is 24% Boron for reliable ignition of most any pyrotechnic mixture. With boron prices being what they are, you cannot make it yourself at a lower cost than this, nor will you find it anywhere else at any price! Easy to use, simply press the granules into place or they can be mixed with nitrocellulose lacquer and applied. One pound goes a long way! Weight wise, there is 7000 grains in a pound. It takes as little as 5 grains per device for ignition. That means you will be able to reliably prime up to 1400 devices per pound of BKNO3! Reliable ignition for less than 2¢ each!

While supply lasts. . . . .Sold in full 10 lb cases only. . . . .Shipped by motor freight

Order.gif (311 bytes)   $250.00/10 lbs / (10 @ 1lb cans)  ($25.00/lb)
Must be shipped by motor freight or picked up at our office

Brass - copper/zinc 70/30 alloy, fine, for blue flames. Increases combustion rates dramatically.- Stock #C124C

     msds.gif (2257 bytes)
$12.50 $60.75 ------- -------


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