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For Smoke, Color Smoke, Pyrotechnic Chemicals & Materials, Paper & Plastic Tubes & Shells, Fireworks Making Literature, Kits For Making Electric Matches, Igniters, Ignitercord, Igniter Heads, Tactical Smoke Bombs, Composite Rocket Propellants, 37mm & 38mm Ammunition Inserts, Signal & Survival Supplies, NitroTek™ Ignitercord Plasticizer, NitroPhane™ Color Flash Cellophanes, Thermite & Thermates, Novelty Fireworks, Custom Manufacturing, Inventor and Manufacturer of the new revolutionary FireEx™ Chimney Fire Suppressant. See a testing video and check out dealer opportunities on FireEx™ from our distributor @
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If you are placing an order with us online, you must be on file with us, regardless of what your first order is. This means that we have to have a signed order form and a copy of your driver's license on file. If you do not have these things on file with us, it will just delay your order. You only have to do it once and then you can order whenever you would like. Go to our order form page to print out the order form there. Then you can use that to fill out and send in. Please be sure to include your email address (if you have one) because we will email you a copy of your invoice once your order has been processed. Also, if your order is going by UPS the email will include a UPS tracking number.

Welcome to Firefox, your Superhighway Materials Source for Pyrotechnic Special Effects, Fireworks, Special Munitions and High Power Rocketry! No one ships faster than Firefox! We provide same day service in most cases!

Please take a second and read through the Rules page.

On our Products page, you will find the different products we carry. Looking for shipping prices and help? Go to the Shipping page. On our Contents page, you will find a Table of Contents type listing. For those that know what they want, but not where to find it, you can check our Search page. Found something that you don't know what it means? We have a Definitions page! If you are looking for our order form, please go here.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping you find an inexpensive way to promote and practice your hobby safely, whether it is fireworks, model rocketry, special effects, exotic ammo, or anything in-between.

            To help keep our children safe and promote a safe hobby for all, please note that many of the chemicals we supply may be harmful to children. Please keep this in mind and store all chemicals and supplies properly locked out of reach of children. Keep work space clean, consult MSDS supplied with chemicals, observe proper mixing and use procedures and conduct your hobby within local, state and federal regulations.

Our Staff


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Contact Information

We are open from 8 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri. If you would like directions on how to get here, please call. We look forward to hearing from you! Let us have your suggestions, comments, questions, or whatever else you would like in any of the below ways.

     Firefox Enterprises LLC


       Office        11612 N. Nelson, Pocatello, Id  83202
       Mail           PO Box 2668 Pocatello, Id  83204
       Phone        (208) 237-1976 Voice or fax                                     for technical questions. for customer service questions. for questions and comments about this web page.
To recieve a full color pictured catalog, simply download our web catalog in its entirety. We no longer supply catalogs.
Order Processing Fee & Volume Discounts:

Due to the all-time high fuel costs, our inbound and outbound freight is costing us twice as much as it did a year ago. UPS is currently charging us $1.75 per box in addition to their listed rates as a 'fuel surcharge'. Although UPS has been charging these additional fees, we have not passed them on to you, nor have we been charging a 'fuel surcharge' to each order to pay the additional costs of our inbound freight. Because our overall pricing is already lower than the competition, we can no longer absorb these fees and we can no longer give the additional volume discounts that Firefox alone has been giving to club members and on volume orders. It makes no sense to give a discount, then charge it back to cover the fuel surcharges that everyone is now charging additionally. Be of good cheer, these ridiculous fuel costs are bound to come down sooner or later, right? In the meantime, we are still lower on our prices overall and we still give our normal volume discounts on items throughout the catalog like chemicals, paper supplies, plastics, ignition supplies, etc.. There are volume price breaks on items throughout the catalog as listed. The more you order, the better the price. Feel free to ask us about pricing on full drums and cases of product. We can often discount on these items because we have less labor and packaging tied up in it.

In an effort to keep our labor down and keep prices overall lower than our competition, we have eliminated the 6% fuel surcharge and implimented a 3% Order Processing Fee on every order, including sale items and orders for items or quantities that are not listed and/or special quoted. Please include this charge when figuring your order.

                     **Please read this before ordering.**

If your order contains any of the chemicals listed below in a limited quantity and normally would be shipped by UPS without a hazmat fee, we are not able to ship them this way either. We have approval to ship most hazmat type chemicals in limited Qtys by US Postal Service avoiding any Hazmat fees normally imposed if shipped by UPS.

 The following Oxidizers are restricted to 1 lb per year WITHOUT a current ATFE Manufacture License:


The following oxidizers DO NOT require an ATFE to purchase; 


The following Fuels WITH AVERAGE PARTICLE SIZES FINER THAN 100 MESH are restricted to having a current ATF license: Those not requiring an ATFE are so listed throughout the catalog.

SODIUM SALICYLATE, AIR MILLED SULFUR POWDER (flake sulfur not regulated) TITANIUM SPONGE (finer than 100 mesh)

The following fuels DO NOT require an ATFE Manufacturer permit to purchase;

Stock # C167 POTASSIUM BENZOATE, FLAKE Stock # C181PF SODIUM BENZOATE, FLAKE TITANIUM ALLOYS (all are coarser than 100 mesh)
MAGNESIUM AND MAGNESIUM ALLOYS 10 to 100 mesh (with or without 50%+ Mg chips) ALUMINUM POWDERS 100 mesh or coarser CHARCOAL AND LAMPBLACK, (any mesh size)

The following ignition material is restricted to 25 ft per year


***STICKY MATCH has NOT been affected. You may purchase it without an ATFE. It must be shipped by UPS (UPS hazmat charges apply)

 All of our paper tubes 10 long or shorter require an ATFE to purchase, this also includes the smoke canisters in the Smoke kits. We now supply longer cans in our smoke kits that you simply cut to length, therefore, NO ATFE IS REQUIRED TO ORDER OUR SMOKE KITS. Any tubes longer than 10 DO NOT require an ATFE.  

Please visit for more information

diane_purrington3    Gary and I would like to thank all of you for your support and backing. We are still in business but reeling from the decision of the Federal Court and ask for your patience with us while we pick ourselves up and get put back together. We are including a couple of support links to some websites that have very good information for you, as well as the link to the Fireworks Foundation. Please contribute.
To our friends in the high power rocketry industry, we can still supply Ammonium Perchlorate with no ATFE (ATFE is only required for full drums). Those sending a current, signed ATFE Manufacturing Permit may continue to purchase any of the fuels, oxidizers and materials that the court has restricted. Our prices are still the best available. We are counting on those in the hobby and professional fields who do not yet have ATFE's to obtain them. You will need one eventually. Designated responsible persons holding their club license may order any of these materials as well. Bulk, large orders are shipped by standard Motor Freight. Email, fax or call for details (contact information at the bottom of the page).

NOTE: Although we are able to ship safety fuse & time fuse by UPS, to save you the hazmat fees, we will continue to ship by USPS unless you otherwise request it. Also note that by UPS there is a $27.50 hazmat fee on hazardous orders (where applicable).

Do you need reliable electric igniters without the high cost of commercial? Visit our Ignition Materials section of our catalog. Our igniter kits are the best available and foolproof! Make your own custom electric matches for less than 10¢ each!!


     Have you seen the skyrocketing price increases on chemicals and supplies out there? WOW!!!  

You owe it to yourself to visit our pricing @ Most materials and chemicals do not require an ATFE and even those that do, you can save as much as 50% or more!

See our Internet Specials Section for Outstanding Deals on Materials

            We can also save you up to 70% on shipping through USF Redaway. Please post this list to other sites.

For internet specials, please go here. 

For our customers who buy in bulk, we currently have a list of overstock materials at below wholesale very limited quantities, first come first served. These prices are not listed anywhere else in our catalog so you must use the order buttons listed by each or call your order in to our office.

Bulk Materials sale – limited quantities – first come, first served;
For those of you interested in overstock bulk, go here.


       Firefox Enterprises LLC

       Office        11612 N. Nelson, Pocatello, Id  83202
       Mail           PO Box 2668 Pocatello, Id  83204                                        
       Phone        (208) 237-1976 voice or fax for technical questions. for customer service questions. for questions and comments about this web page.
To recieve a full color pictured catalog, simply download and print our web catalog in its entirety.

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Firefox Enterprises LLC
PO Box 2668
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